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die-cutting technology
8. April 2024

Rotary tools from Marbach. For efficient production of corrugated board packaging.

With our special rotary tools, we have the right solutions for the efficient production of corrugated board packaging.

Ralf Nuyken, industry manager for corrugated board at Marbach: "The aim of rotary die-cutting of corrugated board is to achieve waste-free blanks at high machine speeds. In order to achieve these goals, we have - in addition to our standard rotary tools - further tool technologies with which our customers can master any challenge."


marbaspeed|r is a high-performance tool for rotary die-cutting. Thanks to its special equipment with the latest materials and the use of the best manufacturing technologies, it ensures high production speeds and waste-free blanks during rotary die-cutting. For a marbaspeed|r tool, the choice of rubber plays a particularly important role. Here, Marbach relies on its high-performance rubber marbaject. 

Nuyken explains: "marbaject impresses with its unbeatable positive technical properties: Thanks to its very high rebound elasticity, it ensures an optimum ejector function during the die-cutting process. Its high abrasion and wear resistance make it particularly durable. In short, marbaject ensures high performance and greater efficiency in packaging production." marbaject is ISEGA-certified and therefore suitable for use in the food sector. 


Rotary tools with active stripping technology.
In rotary die-cutting, there are more and more rotary machines with active stripping technology. These machines have an integrated self-stripping system in which the waste is stripped using mechanical ejectors. Different tools are required for this than for conventional rotary machines. 

Marbach has developed special tools for rotary machines with active stripping technology, which ensure high productivity for such machines. Ralf Nuyken: "Our special tools for machines with active stripping technology are specifically designed for these machines. The tool requirements are extremely high: for maximum performance, the special rotary tools not only have to be extremely precise, but they also have to be specially equipped. The results are waste-free blanks as well as very high running speeds of the rotary machine and thus maximum productivity in rotary die-cutting."


With Marbach rotary tools, there is a suitable solution for the efficient production of corrugated board packaging for every requirement.

Marbach has published a whitepaper on rotary die-cutting with the most important success factors for maximum performance in rotary die-cutting of corrugated board: experience.marbach.com/en/blog-detail/this-is-how-rotary-die-cutting-always-works

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