23. July 2019

Hand-held device robogrip. Rule puller for more performance at the die-cutting machine.

In its Marbach Die Supplies & Automation division Marbach supplies machines, equipment and materials for die-making and printshops. With the robogrip, Marbach has a rule puller in its portfolio which proves itself to be an effective helper at the die-cutting machine.

Robogrip is used whenever damaged knives need to be safely removed from a cutting-die in order to be replaced with new ones. Ingo Graham, Product Manager at Marbach Die Supplies & Automation: "Without the robogrip, many operators remove knives with a pair of pliers. But not only does this increase the risk of injury, it can also damage the cutting-die and affect the fit of the replacement rules. But not with the robogrip."

The slim clamping jaws of the rule puller grip the rules to be removed with a minimum parallel spacing of 4 mm. Due to the pincer effect of the hand-held tool, it grips the rule without slipping. The vertical extracting forces of the robogrip also prevent the rule from skewing. This allows the rule to be removed quickly and safely. The professional reknifing is gentle on the die. This means that the tool can be used again quickly for production. Not only does this avoid the necessity for repairs, it also saves Marbach customers valuable time and money.

Graham continues: "The robogrip is very solid, ergonomic and of high quality. A super aid for the operator at the die-cutting machine. Since it is applicable for rules of up to 50 mm in height, it is also suitable for customers who work with high rules. An absolute all-rounder."

The robogrip is currently available at a special price. Inquiries are accepted directly under

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