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1. April 2021

rillma+. The counter plate with optimum milling properties and long service life.

Marbach Die Supplies has the right solution for every requirement in its portfolio. In the counter plate sector, Marbach offers a comprehensive portfolio of materials for diemakers. From simple creasing matrixes to cutting plates for the production of steel counter plates. However, the top seller in counter materials has remained the same for years: rillma+. But what makes this material so popular?

André Angermeir, General Sales Manager Marbach Die Supplies & Automation: "If you want to find out what exactly makes rillma+ such a popular counter material, you first have to take a closer look at its properties. rillma+ consists of a core enclosed by a top and bottom layer, each consisting of two layers of pertinax. This multilayer structure gives rillma+ its special technical properties. These not only make the material very durable, but also ensure optimum millability in processing and so ensuring perfectly milled creasing channels. At the same time, the material is neither too brittle nor too soft, which simplifies handling in assembly as well as in removal."

rillma+ is therefore of interest both to diemakers, who benefit from the high process reliability and ease of processing, and to packaging manufacturers, who can use it to produce their visually appealing packaging with optimum creasing. 

Angermeir continues: "All this is the reason why rillma+ is the most popular material for the production of counter plates in our portfolio. Thanks to its long service life, it can withstand higher demands than, for example, creasing matrixes, and it is also very easy to mill. In short, rillma+ ensures satisfied customers and perfect packaging."

The pertinax material rillma+ is available as sheet goods, each in full and half formats in various thicknesses: between 0.3 mm and 1.9 mm from Marbach Die Supplies. Of course, always with the right accessories – from creasing rules to laminating film, and all from a single source.

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