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20. March 2018

Smooth die-cutting of paperboard. Marbach webguides ensure stable production processes for inline die-cutting.

Marbach is well-known for its customized solutions. Numerous customers rely on Marbach webguides which optimize the production process for inline die-cutting of paperboard.

Inline die-cutting (web-fed), is a printing and finishing process which takes place "in one line". The process means, not a paperboard sheet is die-cut, but a roll. The roll material is first fed through the printing machine before it is processed directly in the die-cutter. Inline die-cutting is used, for example, in the production of cigarette, liquid and direct packaging for food products.

Marketing manager Tina Dost: "The big advantage of inline die-cutting is speed. However, because the printing and die-cutting processes are directly related, it is of utmost importance that both processes run without interruption. To ensure that the further processing process is stable, the paperboard roll must be optimally positioned in the die-cutting station. If this is not the case, machine standstill can result in cost-intensive production downtimes. This is why our customers rely on Marbach's webguides. With this simple but efficient solution, malfunctions during inline die-cutting can be avoided."

Webguides are special elements by which the paperboard web is guided during the die-cutting process. This is necessary because with inline die-cutting, the carton roll is "pushed back" from behind at high speed when it is transferred from the printing unit to the die-cutting station. This may cause airflow under the paperboard material. Webguides are ideally suited to prevent this from happening. They are applied to the steel counter plate and ensure optimal positioning of the paperboard material during die-cutting. Because of the webguides, the paperboard lies flat on the steel counter plate at the beginning of the die-cutting process. This permits safe ongoing processing in the die-cutter which results in a smooth production process.

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