21. February 2019

For reliable processes and optimum creasing of cigarette packaging. Quality control devices from Marbach.

Marbach supplies not only cutting-dies, but also quality control devices for testing the creasing values of packaging blanks. With devices such as the crease bend tester, not only a smooth packaging process can be ensured, but also the quality of the produced packaging.

Marbach Marketing Manager Tina Dost: "When producing packaging for cigarettes, our customers are particularly focused on high packaging quality. This is due to the fact that the requirements for packaging cigarettes are particularly high. After all, inline packaging machines do not forgive any flaws in the quality of the packaging blanks. In order to provide our customers and the packer the security they need for smooth packaging processes, we as an all-round service provider offer devices for quality and packaging testing."

With the Marbach quality control devices, our customers receive support in the selection of materials and these can later be checked and documented during and after the production of their packaging. For smooth processes when packaging cigarettes.

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