8. May 2019

Quick Response Manufacturing. Marbach reorganizes its production.

Marbach Werkzeugbau has reorganized its production. In order to be even more flexible and efficient for its customers in the future, Marbach implements the ideas of "Quick Response Manufacturing" (QRM) philosophy.

Marbach sales manager Hubert Kittelmann: "If you want to reach your goal quickly, go slowly and with caution." This seemingly contradictory wisdom is one of the key pillars of Quick Response Manufacturing. Whereas in the past the old approach "it is urgent - do it faster" often led to delays and bottlenecks, the lean and transparent QRM production allows us to manufacture production orders in a targeted manner and with shorter lead times."

Marbach has been working in line with the Quick Response Manufacturing philosophy for almost 9 months. First successful results have already been achieved. But this is only the beginning. Marbach will consistently continue along this path in order to be able to offer its customers even better performance in the future.

Kittelmann: "We are pleased and proud to report that the first results and improvements of our reorganization are clearly visible. We started with two lighthouse projects in production and service and can see the advantages and changes here very clearly. Shorter lead times mean more free capital, less occupied space, less shrinkage. In addition employees work under less stress and can therefore think more clearly so as to work on further important improvements."

Of course, there is a lot of work, and much time and patience is needed for such drastic changes in thinking and acting. But the last few months have shown it to be well worthwhile for Marbach. The consistent implementation of the QRM principles will make Marbach even more efficient for its customers in the future.

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