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19. October 2018

Pure edge for corrugated board. Marbach technology for dual performance.

Marbach has achieved outstanding success with its product "pure edge". With this technology, corrugated board packaging with flawless visible edges can be produced.

Because this special technology has many other advantages, it is becoming increasingly popular on the market. Marketing Manager Tina Dost: "Packaging must be beautiful. We have developed pure edge to ensure that the visible edges of corrugated board packaging also have an attractive appearance. With this technology, angel hair on the edges of corrugated board packaging is a thing of the past. The use of pure edge has shown that this technology creates many more important advantages for our customers". The use of pure edge protects the cutting tips of the cutting rules. For customers, this means a significantly longer lifecycle for their cutting-dies as well as better cutting results. In addition, the rule joints are stabilized in narrow places or in circumferential die-cutting so that no unwanted nicks occur. This improves the quality of the packaging. Another application: pure edge can be used as a replacement for the functional rubbering of a cutting-die. Compared to a tool equipped with functional rubbering, it permits die-cutting using relatively low cutting pressure. This protects and ensures a very long lifecycle for the tool. Dost continues: "pure edge not only ensures visually appealing packaging at the point of sale, but also extends the lifecycle of the cutting-die. Thus, our customers benefit in two respects. They have flawless packaging and save costs due to the long life span of their cutting-dies. Marbach customers appreciate these advantages and increasingly use pure edge. Those would like to see the results of the pure edge technology first hand, can request packaging samples from Marbach at marketing@marbach.com.

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