27. February 2018

Efficient embossing. Also for small quantities. Marbach polymar now available.

Marbach is known for its progressive development work. The lastest Marbach innovation: polymar-embossing. Recently announced, it is now available at Marbach for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Due to increasing inquiries about embossing solutions for small quantities, Marbach's research and development department has been dealing extensively with the topic of embossing. This has resulted in a new embossing solution: polymar. 

Marbach project manager Jonas Schubert: “Our new polymar embossing is a little revolution in the market. It is designed for jobs involving small quantities, readily available and produces excellent 2D-embossing results. This is for those who don't want to miss refined embossing; it is suitable also for small quantities.”

The polymar embossing by Marbach has been extensively tested and has been constantly optimized during this period. This test series has recently been successfully concluded. Polymar embossings are now immediately available at Marbach. Jonas Schubert continues: “Those who want to convince themselves first hand of the quality of our new embossing solution can order sample packaging at Marbach via email:”

Various customers have already expressed interest since the polymar press release in December Marbach is therefore expecting many orders to follow in the next weeks.