MDSA die-cutting technology
20. September 2021

Plastika Mostar is very impressed by the new mcut|multi: Versatile cutting device from Marbach convinces all along the line.

The portfolio of Marbach Die Supplies (MDS) includes machines, equipment and materials for diemaking. In particular, MDS has expanded its range of manual devices in recent months. Among the most popular of these is the mcut|multi multifunctional cutting tool. It cuts rule materials quickly and without deformation. Plastika Mostar in Slovenia is already using mcut|multi and is very impressed.

Andraž Mostar, Project Manager from Plastika Mostar: »We have been using the mcut|multi for a while now, and I can say it's probably the best manual cutting tool on the market. Every operation performed with this tool becomes child's play: cutting, lipping and notching all in one tool, all in a single operation. The cutting results are of a very high quality and also accurate and all cutting elements of the tool are easily replaceable and can be reground.«

The mcut|multi is suitable for rule materials with a thickness of 2 pt to 3 pt and a height between 23.8 and 50 mm. It features a digital anchor point. 

Mostar continues »All in all, I can say that the mcut|multi can be described as designed to work fast, efficiently and with precision, built to last a long time and to fulfil it's purpose with excellence. The Marbach customer and service support is likewise fast and is always available for us. I would highly recommend the mcut|multi cutting device to all packaging-producers, who want a versatile and reliable manual device where every single cut counts.«


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