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7. November 2018

Perfect waste nicks. For perfect packaging.

Marbach presented its new hand-held tool for inserting waste nicks into cutting rules back in spring. At the FachPack in Nuremberg, this device became the absolute top seller. It was possible to purchase the so-called marbanick|2 directly at the fair and numerous customers took advantage of this opportunity to upgrade and optimize their production.

When manufacturing a cutting-die, a majority of the nicks are already ground-in. Sometimes, however, it is also necessary to insert subsequent waste nicks in order to optimize and adapt the tool to the on-site conditions. This is exactly what the marbanick|2 has been designed for. With it, the size of the waste nicks can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the operator. Setting the nicks is fast, safe and controlled. 

The special feature of Marbach's marbanick|2: With conventional devices available on the market, only one nick with a predefined size can be inserted into cutting rules. For differing sizes operators will need an additional device. But not so with the marbanick|2: because with the Marbach device you can be flexible and will be able to insert three different nick thicknesses with a single device.

Marbach marketing manager Tina Dost: "An unbeatable advantage for our customers. This not only provides flexibility, but also saves time, space and, of course, money because three functions are possible with one device. Above all simple handling and high flexibility are what convince our customers".

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