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25. October 2022

Perfectly stored cutting-dies. With tMarbach Die Storage System (MDSS).

We offer our customers not only cutting-dies, but also the appropriate storage systems. The Marbach Die Storage System (MDSS) is available for flat die packages up to the 2,100 format. It supports optimally functioning internal logistics at packaging manufacturers. Our customers using a Marbach Die Storage System (MDSS) are enthusiastic.

The Marbach storage system consists of special shelf frames into which individual die cassettes are inserted. The MDSS has a modular design and can be configured according to the customer's needs. For this purpose, different cassette sizes and handling systems are available. 

André Angermeir, Sales Manager Marbach Die Supplies: "The MDSS is super-flexible and can be installed at the customer's site according to their requirements. There are countless configuration possibilities: An MDSS can be installed both as a storage system directly at the die-cutting machine, e.g. to keep current orders in stock, or as a separate warehouse with up to several 1,000 storage places on several levels. The flexibility of the MDSS system also makes it easy to implement space-related special solutions."

This year, we have already sold a large number of storage systems. Our customers see many advantages in this Marbach solution: They are enthusiastic about the individual configuration and the resulting optimal use of space. But also about the easy and safe removal of the tool packages as well as the excellent protection of the tools. Marbach customers also report quick handling and search times reduced to a minimum, all at a fair price and with fast delivery times. 

Angermeir continues: "When talking to our customers, we repeatedly find out that individual and personal support by a team of experts is also particularly important to them. As is the quality of the storage system. In order to guarantee the latter, we use metal sheet thicknesses that make ideal storage possible even after many years. The bottoms of the cassettes are stable in the long term and, if used properly, will not deform even under high loads. Quality comes first here, even if this obviously affects the price. We can only recommend that any packaging manufacturer who wants to optimize their in-house logistics first take a look at our solution and see the advantages of the Marbach Die Storage System for themselves."  

More information including a video about the Marbach Die Storage System is available here:

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