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MDSA die-cutting technology
20. December 2021

Perfectly fitting nicks. With the nick grinder with rechargeable battery from Marbach Die Supplies.

The portfolio of Marbach Die Supplies (MDS) includes machines, equipment as well as materials for diemaking. For the insertion of transport nicks in cutting rules, Marbach has a special grinding device in its range of services, which is convincing with its grinding quality, good equipment and flexibility in use.

Nicks are of great importance in packaging production. This is because the transport nicks determine the performance of the manufacturing process and thus the machine speed at which production can take place. At the same time, the nicks should impair the appearance of the packaging as little as possible. Therefore, the credo is: as few and as small nicks as possible.

Transport nicks are usually ground in by the diemaker during cutting-die production. However, regrinding is also often necessary on site at the packaging manufacturer. For this reason, there are specific mechanical nick grinders that are especially designed for this application.

Marbach product manager Ingo Graham: "The most popular Marbach nick grinder among users is the battery-powered nick grinder. It ensures precise grinding of nicks from 0.2 to 3.0 mm due to its standard depth adjustment and low-vibration design. Thanks to its cable-free design with high-performance battery and its solid construction, the nick grinder with rechargeable battery is not only ideally suited for permanent use, but can also be used anywhere and with a high degree of flexibility. Its special construction ensures that flying sparks are kept away from the operator. Additional features such as overcharging and overheating protection as well as a charge level display provide even more comfort and safety during daily use.


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