15. March 2019

Marbach 360° Service - from the expert. Packaging optimization.

At Marbach much has changed in terms of service. Recently, Marbach has expanded its portfolio and can now offer packaging design services in addition to training courses on die-cutting packaging. With this service Marbach is supporting its customers by increasing efficiency in their performance.

The range of packaging design services offered by Marbach is diverse. One component is packaging optimization.

Packaging includes a variety of tasks on its journey from origin to consumer. In packaging production, factors such as technical feasibility of the layout, productivity in the manufacturing process of the packaging and optimal use of the materials involved are vitally important. Continuing on its journey, packaging needs to be sales-boosting and visually convincing to the consumer at the point of sale. Needless to say, everything should function smoothly.

Marbach offers its customers support in optimizing individual blanks and also entire layouts. In addition, Marbach is able to handle the technical implementation of tools and the creation of plotter samples.

Jan Brunner, Head of Business Development at Marbach: "When we optimize packaging, the advantages for our customers are obvious. In addition to increasing their productivity, they receive know-how from experienced die-cutting professionals. Above all, this means that our customers need less material due to optimized packaging layouts, and so save money. But our customers' clients also benefit from greater productivity in their packing and filling processes. And finally the end consumer receives sales-boosting packaging that works perfectly."

The new service brochure contains an overview of the Marbach 360° service. It can be requested from:

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