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25. November 2016

Optimal sheet transport. Through perfect nicks.

Nicks make the difference. They determine the performance. Nicks ensure a smooth transport of the sheet through the die cutter. And therefore determine if you can run the machine on half or full speed. Whether your blanks are waste free. Or not.

As many as needed, as few as possible. 
Though their function is important, nicks are often unwelcome from the design point of view. They detract from the visual appearance of the packaging when placed at edges which are visible. Customers would prefer packaging without any nicks at all. That is seldom possible. Important for the positioning of the nicks is that they are as delicate as possible. And only as many as needed. For the optimal balance between functionality and appearance. 

Versatile influencing parameters.
There are many different factors when making nicks. That affect the quantity. Location. And width. Bernhard Reisser, Sales Director International at Marbach: „Important factors are for example the processed material, its relative residual moisture and if the carton is coated with a plastic film. Also the position of the nick: With or against the direction of the grain. Is it placed at the back of the sheet or in the front? Where will it have to carry more weight? Is it force-fitting or not? Also the way in which they are made. And many other factors as well.”

Subsequent optimization.
When positioning nicks, many different factors play an important role. But these are not always clearly known in advance. Material characteristics and other features can change. That’s why sometimes nicks have to be put into rules. Reisser continues: “For maximum stability, transport nicks should always be ground in. Best done by Marbach, with our CNC nick grinder. If that’s not possible, we suggest the mafix. For later optimization of stripping nicks, the marbanick is the optimal solution. With its defined strength for very fine nicks. That’s Unique.”

Flexibility in its ultimate form. The nick changing system for corrugated board. 
Depending on the condition of the board – the quality of the paper and its humidity – you will need a varying number of nicks. That’s why Marbach has the nick changing system for corrugated board applications. Flexibility is important when it comes to nicks. That's what the nick changing system for corrugated applications is for. With it, a cutting die can be perfectly set up for different material characteristics in the minimum of time.  Without grinding nicks and therefore without contaminations. 

Marbach offers its customers various solutions concerning nicks. For every performance. For packaging made of paperboard. Or corrugated board.

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