13. April 2017

Nick-breaking technology. Proven by Marbach customers.

With the nick-breaking technology Marbach has brought to the market – already in autumn 2016 – a solution that optimizes the blanking of very small blanks with a double knife. Since then, many customers have employed this new Marbach technology.

In nick-breaking tools, the punches in the male blanker are replaced by special pins. These are positioned in such a way that the nicks can be separated specifically and in a controlled manner. So the ups fall down vertically without twisting or tilting.

Head of Business development at Marbach, Jan Brunner: “Special application scenarios during die-cutting very small blanks with double knife have sometimes caused problems in the past. During the last months customers with such jobs have used the new nick-breaking technology. The results achieved have been positive overall. The customers are well satisfied. They report a significant reduction of machine stops – even with higher speeds. The blanks can be separated and stacked safely. The productivity increases significantly.”

Due to excellent results, Marbach will now offer its new technology to customers as a standard solution for small blanks with double knife.

You can find more information and the product animation here.