25. July 2018

Small but powerful. marbanick|2 for paperboard starts with great sales success on the market.

In May Marbach presented its new hand-held device for inserting nicks in cutting rules. Since then, the marbanick|2 – which is the name of the new Marbach product – has been an outstanding success. 

Marbach developer Sascha Wormser: "We were pleasantly surprised by the interest in our new hand-held device. Even before the official sales launch, we had numerous reservations from customers who wanted the new marbanick|2 as quickly as possible. When it became available, this strong demand continued. During customer visits and events, the marbanick|2 was literally snapped up."

With the marbanick|2, waste nicks are placed in cutting rules directly at the operator's site. Wormser: "With many devices available on the market, only one nick thickness can be inserted. This is not the case with marbanick|2 which allows nicks in three different sizes to be inserted into cutting rules. And all with a single device. This is what I think makes the marbanick|2 so successful."

With the new Marbach hand-held device, the size of the nick can be optimally adapted to the requirements of the user. The insertion of the nicks in different thicknesses is fast, safe and controlled.