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28. March 2023

New whitepaper: Make-ready in the blink of an eye. New whitepaper: Make-ready in the blink of an eye.

We have published a new whitepaper on our knowledge platform, the Experience Hub, on the topic of optimizing make-ready times. 

Make-ready is very time-consuming. With ever increasing demands on the productivity of packaging manufacturers, the importance of time savings in the make-ready process increases enormously. In the new whitepaper "The main success factors for minimum make-ready time during die-cutting." readers will learn important background information about make-ready and which influencing factors, technologies and services have a positive impact on make-ready times. These are summarized in a practical checklist. 

Would you like to learn the most important make-ready rules and optimize your make-ready times? Then read the new Marbach whitepaper here:

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