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die-cutting technology
15. May 2020

New bottom pin unit from Marbach. For maximum safety in the stripping process.

Marbach has developed a new bottom pin unit including special high precision lower pins which has been successfully used by the first customers. With a bottom pin unit, waste is safely stripped during the production of packaging. Customer Establecimento Grafico Impresores from Argentina is enthusiastic about the performance of the new Marbach product.

Bottom pin unit are especially useful when highest reliability is required during stripping but this cannot be achieved with conventional tools. In practice, blanks are often produced and packed directly after die-cutting and then delivered to the customer. Final checks before packaging are usually not provided. It is therefore even more important that the blanks meet quality requirements and above all are 100% waste-free.  

Rubén Valido, Specials process and Gluing Supervisor at Establecimento Grafico Impresores: "We recently used a cigarette cutting-die with 27 ups. The small pieces of waste between the flaps could not be stripped safely with conventional stripping tools. Marbach recommended to us its new bottom pin unit with high precision lower pins. We were and are very pleased with this tool. The lower pins were very precise and optimally positioned. Pin readjustment inside the machine was unnecessary. The waste could be separated safely from the sheet and transported away through the lower tool. Not only did we achieve 100% waste-free operation on this very demanding job, but we were also able to run at high speeds. Generally, the stripping process was very stable. By using the Marbach bottom pin unit the productivity of our machine increased by 20 %. And the best thing is: in the case of a repeat job we do not have to set all the lower pins again, but can simply use the existing bottom pin unit and start the production of the job immediately. We will definitely order further Marbach bottom pin units. Thank you Marbach for a great solution."

The Marbach bottom pin unit with the new high precision lower pins is now available. 

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