die-cutting technology
7. October 2022

New die-cutting machine. Marbach replaces existing machine with new model.

We invested in a die-cutting machine for the first time in 2017. In autumn 2022, the time had come to replace this machine with a newer model. 

Marbach Sales Manager Jan Brunner: "From now on, we will have an Eterna eCut Elite 1060 ER in operation. Since we were very satisfied with the previous machine and the good cooperation with the Eterna company, we didn't have to look far for a replacement and simply exchanged our old machine for the current model."

On the new die-cutting machine, we will not only offer trainings for our customers, but will also use it for testing innovations in order to meet our customers' requirements more efficiently. In addition, demonstrations on the die-cutting machine form part of the web sessions that we offer at regular intervals.

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