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6. December 2017

New high-performance rubber now available on the market. Marbach flexpower for best die-cutting performance.

“Marbach Die Supplies” delivers materials for the production of cutting-dies to die-makers worldwide. At the urgent request of our customers, Marbach has now supplemented its portfolio. For some time past, a new kind of rubbering has been used for the Marbach cutting-die marbaspeed|r: it is called flexpower. From now on, this very successful rubber will also be available from Marbach as a raw material. 

With its new type of structure and special technical features, flexpower is a high-performance rubber that provides highest die-cutting efficiency in packaging production. The new material is characterized by its compression force, its rebound elasticity and its durability. 

Marbach customers that already use this new rubber are delighted by the die-cutting results.

Marbach developer Ingo Graham has been involved in numerous tests at customers on-site. The test results speak for themselves: “With the new structure, flexpower can be compressed more than conventional rubber, which leads to significant advantages for die-cutting quality. The high rebound elasticity allows very fast and efficient ejection of waste. This provides the best waste guidance in rotary die-cutting – for waste-free blanks and highest machine speeds. In flat die-cutting, the technical features of flexpower rubber ensure a smooth production process.”

One of the test customers, who has also worked together with Marbach in compositioning the rubber, is Andreas Strasser, production manager at Flatz: “We are very happy with the new rubber. With both its functionality and its durability. It meets our requirements completely. Where other kinds of rubber are already worn-out and have to be exchanged, the functionality of flexpower is still perfect.”

Flexpower is available in two degrees of hardness. So the right hardness can be chosen for every spot in the tool. For best functionality.

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