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23. April 2018

mplaten|cleaner. New platen cleaner from Marbach on the road to success.

In December 2017 Marbach introduced to the market its new cleaning device for corrugated board die-cutting machines: the mplaten|cleaner. Since then, more than 30 of these devices have been sold. And further orders are in the pipeline.

The die-cutting machine is subject to natural wear and tear during the manufacturing process of packaging. But not only that. Unevenness in this area steadily grows due to increased dirt accumulation in the die-cutting platen. The result is an increase in the amount of work involved in the setting-up and make-ready of the machine. This gradually reduces the productivity of a die-cutter. 

The new device from Marbach removes dirt and rust from the platen. The cleaning process smoothes out unevenness and thus minimizes the work involved in the make-ready process. The cutting pressure can be reduced. And this extends the lifespan of the tool. In addition, the cutting result is also positively affected by a clean die-cutting platen.
Marbach recommends a half-yearly cleaning of the machinery to maintain optimal conditions of the die-cutters.

Sandra Hemberger, Sales Marbach Automation & Service: "We are very happy about the success of the mplaten|cleaner. The feedback from our customers is consistently positive."

The customers who use the mplaten|cleaner are excited. Hemberger continues: "The customers buy the mplaten|cleaner for the maintenance of their machinery and achieve even more productivity in their die-cutting processes. The machine operators are convinced of the simplicity of the Marbach platen cleaning device.”

Even hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned. It is not necessary to remove the chain. Cleaning a platen takes less than an hour with a little practice. 

Hemberger continues: "That is of less importance if the customers can then save make-ready time on every single job. In this way, the cleaning device pays off within a very short time. The price-performance ratio of the mplaten|cleaner is excellent. We are of course very happy to hear that our new device is so well received by customers. And hope to attract even more customers with it in the near future."

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