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16. February 2017

For every requirement the right cutting-die package.

Marbach has recently introduced its new modular system to its corrugated-board-processing customers.

With this new system, Marbach customers can be more flexible in ordering tool packages than has previously been the case. Because up to now, every job has been produced according to standardized customer specifications. Independent of the operational purpose. Of course, the tools could be adjusted individually to the intended purpose. But that meant a significant time requirement per order. Ingo Graham, developer at Marbach: “This was often too time-consuming for our customers.” That’s why they frequently waived any required individual adaptation needed for a single job. In order to provide more flexibility to our customers and to save their time, we implemented the modular system.”

With this, Marbach customers can quickly compile the appropriate tool package for every order.

Three equipment versions: smart, performance and high-end
The Marbach modular system consists of three differently equipped versions: smart, performance and high-end.

The smart option is cost optimized. It is suitable for non-repeat orders. When “customers are unwilling to miss out on Marbach quality even with short runs,” says Graham. Tooling packages of the smart version are cost-efficient and have short delivery times.

Performance is the output-optimised version which is appropriate for jobs where production performance is the top priority. These tooling packages stand for maximum speed and minimal set-up time.

For long-term jobs involving very high quantities, Marbach customers can choose tooling packages from the high-end segment. These are designed for jobs with the highest demands on, as well as the highest requirements of, operational performance and tool life span.

Modular system comes out on top
Ingo Graham: “Most of our customers have already switched to the modular system. At the beginning individual standards are defined for each customer. Including all equipment attributes. It works like a configurator for a new car. The customers select which equipment features their packages - smart, performance and high-end - should contain.”

The customers that use the modular system can choose one of the three options when ordering. They then receive the tooling package that meets the requirements of their particular job. Ingo Graham: “If a customer wants for example a simple tool for a non-repeat job or a high-tech tool for a sophisticated order – this now works for them and without a lot of effort. Without long discussions. The customer simply orders the fitting equipment line.”

With this system, Marbach customers can save time and receive more flexible solutions compared to the former more conventional order process. Moreover the customers only pay for the version they need for their job. Not more. And not less.”

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