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2. June 2021

Versatile high-end milling machine for top performance in diemaking: the mgrav|multi.

Marbach Die Supplies provides the global diemaking industry with machines, equipment and materials. From laser systems to waterjet systems to milling machines: the portfolio offers everything diemakers need for their production. The top seller in the milling sector is the mgrav|multi. This high-end milling machine offers flexibility and maximum performance. 

André Angermeir, Sales Manager Marbach Die Supplies: "The mgrav|multi is not just any milling machine, but a machine that is equipped with all Marbach-specific technical enhancements and thus fulfils the high demands of our customers. In this respect, it has already passed the most rigorous of endurance tests: operating in our in-house die shop at the hands of our very demanding colleagues from the Marbach diemaking division."

The mgrav|multi offers maximum flexibility, as it can be used to process wood, pertinax, rubber and steel. Whether milling rillma, planning make-ready sheets, creating samples or cutting rubber. All become easily solvable tasks with the mgrav|multi: thanks to the multifunctional interchangeable head, the machine can be easily and quickly modified for the appropriate material. 

Angermeir continues: "The highest demands placed on milling machines are certainly on the steel counter plates. But this versatile machine can also easily process steel. Customers who use the mgrav|multi are enthusiastic about its multifunctionality. We currently have three machines in delivery. Our customers are looking forward to receiving the machines – and to gaining comprehensive know-how which we ourselves demonstrated in providing support during the quotation phase. In addition to high precision and easy handling, our special and very cost-effective manufacturing technology is one of the main reasons our customers choose Marbach Die Supplies as their partner." 

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