23. April 2019

Multifunctional milling machine for highest flexibility. mgrav|multi from Marbach.

Marbach has recently launched onto the market its new multifunctional milling machine. The new mgrav|multi offers maximum milling flexibility. It can be used to mill wood, Pertinax and steel. The new machine can also cut rubber without any problems.

Thomas Kandlbinder, Director of Automation & Service at Marbach: "We have already sold several machines. Our customers are delighted with the flexibility of the milling machine. It doesn't matter whether they want to mill steel counter plates, wood for stripping tools or rillma. All this is possible quickly and easily with the mgrav|multi. Thanks to its 12-fold tool changer, this machine can be converted very quickly The milling results are excellent. Our customers can even cut rubber thanks to the oscillating blade. They are therefore highly flexible in the production of their cutting-dies. Another plus is the automatic spray/lubrication system, which makes our customers' work even easier."

Marbach customers can choose between different versions and options so that they get the right machine for their requirements.


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