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die-cutting technology
19. August 2022

Maximum flexibility in the production of corrugated board packaging. With the nick changing system from Marbach.

We supply the corrugated board industry with die technologies for the production of packaging. Our nick changing system ensures maximum flexibility in the production of corrugated board packaging. This is because it enables the user to react quickly and easily to the changing properties of the material to be die-cut. 

Ralf Nuyken, industry manager corrugated board at Marbach: "Our customers often have the problem that the material to be die-cut is affected by fluctuations in moisture. Depending on the condition of the material, a different number of nicks is necessary. Thanks to our nick changing system, our customers are flexible and can adapt their tools to the material properties in no time at all." 

For you this not only means shorter machine start-up times. The nick changing system also scores plus points in terms of hygiene: because using it means that there is no need for subsequent grinding of the nicks in the tool. So, dust formation, which is transferred to the blank, can be prevented. In addition, the mechanical lock of the nick changing system also allows multiple rule changes without any loss of clamping.

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