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20. May 2021

High-performance cutting-die marbaspeed|r The rotary die of the future.

Marbach supplies tools to packaging manufacturers of folding cartons and corrugated board packaging. In the corrugated board sector, many packages are produced using rotary dies. The special tool marbaspeed|r ensures exceptional performance in this sector.

Jan Brunner, Sales Manager at Marbach: "The goal in rotary die-cutting of corrugated board is to produce waste-free blanks at maximum machine speed. This is not always easy to achieve, as rotary cutting-dies not only have to die-cut and score the corrugated board, but also simultaneously perform the waste stripping function. A difficult challenge, both for the cutting-die and for the machine operator. To ensure that this succeeds smoothly, Marbach has developed the high-performance tool marbaspeed|r."

Just what makes marbaspeed|r so special? marbaspeed|r is always equipped with the finest materials and the best manufacturing technology: best rules and dieboards, special rubber flexpower and lots of other features. Always tailored to the individual requirements of the customer. This means that not only cutting and creasing, but also stripping during rotary die-cutting of corrugated board ensures perfect success. 

Brunner continues: "Already more than half of our customers swear to the advantages of marbaspeed|r tools. They are enthusiastic about the durability, zero waste, functionality and high productivity they achieve with marbaspeed|r. marbaspeed|r is clearly the rotary die of the future!" 

marbaspeed|r is available for all corrugated board types and is suitable for both inline and offline machines.

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