15. August 2017

Highspeed for flat cutting-dies. marbaspeed tool for corrugated board on the road to success.

Marbach has recently added a special high-speed tool for flat die-cutting to its portfolio: the marbaspeed cutting-die for corrugated board. This new Marbach tool has been catching on more and more in the market. It is characterized by its being equipped with a new type of rubber: Marbach flexpower. Initially only used for rotary tools, flexpower has been applied to flat tools for the corrugated board industry since earlier this year. With increasing success. More and more customers order their tool in this special version “marbaspeed”.

Marbach developer Ingo Graham: “To begin with, we used flexpower only in the area of rotary die-cutting. There, we learned a lot about its technical specifications. Our acquired insights: flexpower unites many positive features that are important for die-cutting. That is why we decided to test flexpower also for flat cutting-dies. The success proves, that this was a good choice.”

The verifiable high rebound elasticity of the flexpower rubbering ensures very high machine speeds. It is also suitable for large quantities due to its durability.

Graham continues: “Our new marbaspeed cutting-die provides the customer with maximal performance through a smooth production process.”

marbaspeed tools are immediately recognizable: due to the white color of the rubbering and also its special structure.

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