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15. January 2020

More than just cutting-dies for packaging. Marbach supplies tools for numerous technical requirements.

Marbach is known for its manufacture of tools for the production of packaging. What is less well known is that Marbach also offers high-precision tools for a wide range of technical requirements.

Sales Manager Michael Kiesel: "We not only make cutting-dies for packaging, but also for special applications in a wide variety of areas. For this purpose we have our own sales, CAD and production team that is specialized in all tools that are not used to produce packaging."

Marbach's special solutions include tools for die-cutting sensors, foam, car interior panels, active ingredient patches, surgical accessories, tablet blisters, thermoformed parts, honeycomb materials, filters, puzzles and plastics - and many more. 

In addition to the packaging industry, Marbach's customers include those in the automotive, pharmaceutical, plastics, and gaming industries, as well as model making, and commercial printing. 

The solutions here are as varied as the target groups. For die-cutting particular end products such as wire-eroded tools, solid steel tools, cutting elements, cutting plates and bent steel rules are used. Also heatable and extraction tools and those with high steel content. Marbach also supplies its customers with steel-rule tools for separating individual cups in the thermoforming process. 

The Marbach specialty die-cutting solutions brochure, in which the reader is given an overview of Marbach's special technical solutions, can be requested from Marbach at the following e-mail address: technik@marbach.com

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