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die-cutting technology
9. November 2023

Marbach special tools for medical technology. Special solutions for special requirements.

We are known for our requirement-tailored solutions. For applications in the medical sector, we have special tools in our portfolio that have been designed especially for this purpose.

Keywords such as highest precision, hygiene and clean room, reveal the most important requirements that tools for medical technology have to fulfill. Such tools are used for active ingredient patches, tablet blisters, surgical accessories, labels or outer packaging for moist patches. All areas where hygiene and precision are essential. 

Michael Kiesel, Sales Manager DACH at Marbach: "For the medical technology sector, we offer tools with solid steel parts, wire-eroded base plates or PMMA tools, depending on the requirements. All tool types have their advantages and are used depending on customer requirements. If required, several technologies can also be combined. For maximum performance in the manufacturing of medical products."

Our special tools are characterized by their durability, fast delivery times and hygiene. Also, in terms of price, our solutions are unbeatable in a direct comparison. 

Another advantage: We have a wealth of knowledge in producing tools for medical technology. For example, we use special measuring methods to calculate the correct active ingredient area for active ingredient patches and to produce the tool in exactly the right size. We can measure the tools produced, optimize them and, if required, make sample die-cuts with the customer's material. This ensures that customers receive their tools perfectly designed and ready-to-use.

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