die-cutting technology
14. September 2020

Solutions which meet requirements. Marbach special "high steel" version tools.

Marbach has been a specialist for the production of cutting-dies for the packaging industry for many decades. In addition, the Marbach portfolio also includes tools for special technical solutions. One of which is the production of cutting-dies with particularly high cutting rules.

Marbach Sales Manager Michael Kiesel: "When die-cutting thermoformed parts, displays or even foamed plastic, the cutting-dies have to meet very special requirements. In these cases it is not sufficient to equip a tool with the usual cutting rules measuring 23.8 mm in height. Here the steel rules must be significantly higher. The height depends on the material to be die-cut. We can handle heights of up to 100 mm without any problems. If a cutting rule height of 100 mm is not enough, we can gain additional height by under building it."

What distinguishes the Marbach tools is their high precision and special processing. Besides using multiplex wood as the base plate, aluminum can also be used for high demands. Depending on the customer's requirements, the joints of the cutting rules can be laser-welded, spot-welded or with a conventional weld seam. 

Kiesel continues: "We use special bending equipment for processing the steel rule. This allows contours with many bends but few joints.

A tool technology that is used for very special requirements.

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