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9. October 2023

Marbach aid for Ukraine. Use of donation 2022 and further actions.

In December 2022, we had donated for Christmas to different aid projects in connection with the Ukraine war. 10,000 euros went to the aid organization HELP. The objective of the HELP projects is to help people affected by the war to soften the consequences of the war.

But what has happened to the Marbach donation?

Peter Marbach, Managing Partner: "Of course, it is always something special to find out what exactly has happened to a donation and how the money donated has been used. That's why we were very pleased that HELP reported on this to us."

The 10,000 euros that we donated in 2022 went to two different projects: One half of the donation was used to proportionally finance one of 35 houses for internally displaced persons in Chernihiv oblast. The second half was used to support a project in the Republic of Moldova. Because in this Ukraine bordering country the supply of the refugees is a big challenge. With the Marbach donation, 200 refugees could be provided with urgently needed food, hygiene articles and clothes."

We have already donated repeatedly to the HELP organization. There is a reason for this: many of HELP's projects - like the humanitarian aid in Ukraine - receive special funding from the German Foreign Office. This means that the German Foreign Office finances these projects to 80 percent, the Marbach donation is included in the 20 percent contribution and thus increases five times to 50,000 Euro. 

Marbach continues: "But this donation was only one part of our support for Ukraine. In addition, we as a company, together with our employees at all European locations, collected monetary amounts and donations in kind for Ukraine in various actions. Our colleagues from Poland even brought urgently needed aid supplies directly to Kiev and Winnica several times with Marbach transporters. We also provided housing for refugee families and supplied them with everything they needed."


About Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V.
Help - Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V., is a humanitarian aid organization based in Bonn. Help was founded in 1981. The main focus of Help's work is worldwide emergency and disaster relief, but also long-term development aid and reconstruction projects. Help is committed to helping people who are in need due to disasters, persecution or other reasons. Following the principle of "helping people to help themselves", Help supports the efforts of those affected to improve their living conditions through their own efforts.  

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