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27. November 2017

Clamp rings for fast changeable design of sealing rim. Marbach Tool Manufacturing.

Marbach Tool Manufacturing (Werkzeugbau) has in recent months increasingly sold tools with the Mafox|F system. This means that customers' demand for this Marbach technology has been growing significantly.

Clamp rings have an important influence in the thermoforming process. Mainly on the characteristics of the article edge. The more precise the clampring according to sealing rim design to the desired article shape, the better the product will be. That is why Marbach has developed the Mafox|F. This is an exchangeable clamp ring, with which different cup designs of sealing rims can be quite easily produced with the same tool. With the Mafox|F, clamp rings can be optimally matched to the product that is to be manufactured. Different foil thicknesses in one tool are also possible without time-consuming clamp ring changes.

Marbach Director of Sales Asia Thomas Reinhardt: “We have in the meantime equipped more than 10 tools with Mafox|F. The feedback from our customers has been very positive. The major difference is that Marbach is changing a tall barrel looking like part and not only a small ring at the downholder front. This allows uninterrupted fast cooling of the clamp ring, and thus ensures a perfect rapid cooling of the sealing rim, which in turn counteracts the lifting up of the edge." The results are high-quality plastic cups.

But it's not only the cup quality that is important with Mafox|F, but also the production speed. Because when this Marbach technology is used in combination with an MT|easy aluminum cutting plate or the sandwich steel plate system, it is possible to implement quickly replaceable seal bead contours in the tool without speed reductions.

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