24. May 2019

New Managing Director at Marbach Masterwork (Tianjin) Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. More performance with an industry insider.

Marbach Masterwork (Tianjin) Cutting Tools Co., Ltd., the joint venture of Marbach and the Chinese machine manufacturer Masterwork, has had a new managing director since May. With Louis Lu Ji, the company has gained an industry insider with more than 25 years of experience.  

Marbach tools "Made in China" have been available since July 2018. Marbach Masterwork (Tianjin) Die Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. has now optimized its organization in order to be able to serve Chinese customers even more effectively. Since May, Louis Lu Ji has also been the new General Manager of the company.

Louis Lu Ji is based in the packaging and processing industry. He holds a bachelor's degree from the Beijing Institute of Printing and an MBA from Vlerick Business School in Belgium. Louis has worked for Amcor, Bobst and Nokia and has held leading positions in other companies. Jan Brunner, Head of Business Development at Marbach: "We are very proud that we were able to attract an industry insider such as Louis Lu Ji. With his experience in the industry, but also in business management, he will quickly advance the - still very young - joint venture. We are all very confident that Louis and his team will be able to open up the Chinese market quickly and be successful in China."

In the area of sales, the joint venture of Marbach and Masterwork relies mainly on the expertise of experienced Chinese sales persons. On the production side, the know-how of the die-maker Marbach will be fully utilised. Expats from Germany lead the various production areas and transfer their knowledge to their Chinese colleagues. Brunner continues: "By combining the expertise of the two companies Masterwork and Marbach, we are creating a promising foundation for the future of Marbach Masterwork (Tianjin) Cutting Tools Co.,Ltd. With our new General Manager, we have now taken another significant step."

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