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18. February 2019

Supplier audit passed with flying colors. Å&R Carton certifies Marbach’s good performance.

Marbach was recently visited by its customer Å&R Carton Lund AB for an audit. Å&R Carton looked closely at Marbach from a number of viewpoints and certified Marbach with a very good performance.

Å&R Carton: "At Marbach we found a company with a long and successful tradition. The employees we spoke to were all very open and motivated. They are proud of what they do. Marbach is aware of its social responsibility and does a lot for its employees."

In addition to the areas of management system, personnel, quality, hygiene and sustainability, Å&R Carton also audited production at the Heilbronn-based die-maker.

Å&R Carton continues: "In the area of production we have seen that everything runs very well and with great efficiency. Exactly as it should be. All of our questions could be answered because all of the employees surveyed had very good knowledge of the processes involved. Production is well equipped and modern. A great environment for good delivery performance."

In the performance profile, Marbach's rating was in the range of 85 points from 100, which is a very high value in view of Å&R Carton's high demands on its suppliers.

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