17. February 2017

Process support and service. Marbach installs thermoforming machine KMD85 from Kiefel.

Marbach has invested in a new Kiefel thermoforming plant. The Speedformer KMD85 was installed at the end of 2016.

Perfect interaction between tool and machine
Marbach Sales director Hubert Kittelmann: “Worldwide process support and tool service for all current machine manufacturers on-site. This is one of our unique selling points. Only perfect interaction between machine and tool can deliver highest productivity and excellent quality in thermoforming. That’s why for our customers the optimal harmonization between tool and machine is often the most important characteristic for an investment.”

Investment in machine and people
In order to provide its customers with exactly this advantage, Marbach invests continuously. On the one hand in thermoforming machines in its own technical center. But also in education and training of Marbach service technicians. Moreover, the network between technicians and the machine manufacturer’s experts plays a vitally significant role.

Training KMD85
In December 2016 all Marbach service technicians from the Heilbronn location were intensively trained for one week on the thermoforming machine Speedformer by a Kiefel trainer.

Marbach service manager Ferdinand Rieker: “We were glad Kiefel made this training possible. Such a long and intensive exchange of experience between experts of the machine and tool technology was especially valuable for us.

Competence in steel-rule tools
The Marbach headquarters in Heilbronn accommodates not only the Marbach thermoform tool manufacturing but also die-cutting technology sector. This allows fall back on the expertise in this field on-site. A huge advantage. Because besides the thermoforming tool itself, the precision of the steel-rule cut is the decisive criterion for many customers.

Service strategy 2017
Klaus Schwally, since 01.01.2017 the new managing director of Marbach tool manufacturing and an expert experienced in managing service units: “Our technicians are daily confronted with new and sometimes very special demands. For this reason our employees are able to accumulate experience much more and much faster than the customers’ experts. This knowledge and the know-how of every single Marbach professional is shared internally within the team. But also externally with our customers. Through this we save a lot of time and money.”