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2. May 2019

Optimization of blanking. Special Marbach joggers ensure more process reliability with small blanks.

Marbach now uses a new jogger for its blanking tools, which significantly increases process reliability in the blanking station, especially when die-cutting small blanks. A great advantage for Marbach customers.

In practice, problems repeatedly arise during stacking when blanking small ups, as there is no room for the use of a non-stop rack. Although there are already solutions on the market, the design of these joggers still poses a risk of twisting blanks. To avoid this in the future, Marbach has developed a solution for this specific problem. Through specially developed joggers, twisting of the blanks is prevented during the blanking process. This increases process stability.

Sascha Wormser, Marbach developer: "Our new joggers are very slim and thus save space. Due to their special design on one level, the blanks are completely guided during stacking. As a result, the blanks are neatly stacked and optimally prepared for further processing. Due to the small space requirement, the use of a non-stop rack can in most cases be ensured."

The new joggers are used at Marbach depending on the layout of the particular order.

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