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25. June 2018

Hygiene and packaging. Marbach offers an extensive hygiene portfolio.

The topics of hygiene and product safety are becoming more and more important, especially for food and medical packaging. Marbach has already presented its unique hygiene tool package under the name marbaclean in 2016. 

Jan Brunner, Head of Business Development at Marbach: "Many of our customers from the medical sector already rely on our hygiene die-cutting dies. Medical products such as plasters or bandages are die-cut with tools using special materials and technologies that ensure maximum hygiene. At the moment we feel that the topic of hygiene is always present in the food sector but what is still missing is the recognition that only a solution for the entire process is purposeful. There are approaches in some areas, but holistic implementation is still missing. As soon as the need arises, we are ready with our solutions and can show our customers how die-cutting can be designed hygienically from the tool side of things."

In addition to hygienic cutting-dies for the medical technology sector, Marbach offers a tool package called marbaclean, which is equipped with special materials for the food industry. During production, cleaning routines are performed that go beyond the industry standard. Furthermore, additional safety components and special assembly processes prevent the loss of tool parts during packaging production. The marbaclean tool package can optionally be disinfected and vacuum-packed. So that it reaches the customer safely and above all hygienically clean. 

marbaclean is certified by ISEGA and is therefore suitable for use in the production of packaging for the food industry - especially direct packaging that comes into contact with packaged goods. The single marbaclean components can be delivered as a complete package or individually compiled for the customer, so that a suitable solution is available for every requirement.

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