6. October 2020

High-selling packaging at the POS. With refining solutions from Marbach.

Marbach offers a wide range of technologies for the refinement of packaging.

Marketing Manager Tina Dost: "Packaging is all about beauty, quality and haptics.  Sophisticated packaging enhances the packaged product and can awaken emotions such as uniqueness and luxury. Our various refining solutions stand for sales-boosting packaging at the point of sale."

There are numerous possibilities in the process of refining a package and upgrading it for the POS: embossing and debossing in 2D or 3D, hot foil embossing, reverse-cutting or pure edge.

2D, 3D, embossing and debossing
Embossing is created by the use of embossing plates. The paperboard material is embossed in two or more dimensions. When embossed the design appears elevated, when debossed it appears deepened. Marbach supplies both simple embossing dies and cutting-dies with integrated embossing plates. For elegant packaging with that special look.

Hot foil embossing
Marbach uses tools called marbafoil for embossing hot foil. For embossing with or without relief. With a special laser system, Marbach can produce embossing plates for finest hot foil embossing which ensure a special eye-catcher at the point of sale.

Reverse cutting technology
The reverse cutting technology ensures attractive and at the same time dust-proof packaging with elegant opening mechanisms. The paperboard is scored from both sides. Thus it remains intact and dust is unable enter the packaging. In addition, the paperboard surface is fully printable, so that the unopened packaging will have a very attractive visual effect. Depending on the design, the packaging can also be re-sealed quickly and easily.

pure edge technology
An important quality criterion for packaging made of corrugated board is the nature of the visible edges. With the Marbach patented pure edge technology the visible edges of corrugated board packaging are perfectly cut thanks to a special tool design, nicks can thus be reduced. And so the packaged product is optimally presented at the point of sale.

Refinement of packaging is a popular trend. With its various technologies Marbach offers a wide range of possibilities for beautifully enhanced packaging.

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