10. January 2020

Doing good. For the employees. And the environment. Marbach Heilbronn now with its own parcel locker.

Marbach has recently launched an additional service for its 700 employees at its location in Heilbronn. Since 23 September 2019, employees have been able to have their private parcels delivered to the company address. They are stored there at a "PAKADOO point", which is their own parcel locker. 

Michelle Freyer, Human Resources Manager of the Marbach Group: "We are constantly looking for new ideas to make life easier for our employees. When we came across PAKADOO, we were immediately excited. With our own parcel locker, our employees can now receive or return their private parcels here at the company location. This saves them having to travel to packing stations or parcel shops and gives them more free time." 

Under the motto "Save ways, gain time, protect the environment", deliveries can be accepted or returned around the clock at the so-called PAKADOO point. "The employees must register themselves only once and add their PAK ID to the delivery address. If the package is here, they receive a push message by E-Mail," continues Freyer. 

This new service provides many advantages, not only for employees but also for the environment. According to PAKADOO, it is the delivery alternative with the lowest CO2 emissions and is certified by myClimate. By bundling private and commercial parcels, the delivery services reduce multiple journeys. Recipients do not have to undertake any extra journeys to receive or return their parcels. According to myClimate, this saves as much as 924g CO2 per parcel compared to an unsuccessful delivery attempt with a resulting pick-up. In contrast to delivery to individual private households, this bundling effect saves over a third in CO2 emissions when parcels are delivered. 

"If one compares the PAKADOO station with the average distance to packing stations, our nearly 700 employees at the Heilbronn location not only save 1,125 hours of their time and over €16,000 in car costs per year through PAKADOO, but also do something for the environment. The CO2 emissions saved by a company of our size are over 4 tons per year. A win-win situation for all involved parties," says Freyer. 

For years, Marbach has committed itself to a responsible approach to the environment and is also signatory to the Heilbronn Declaration. In this context, the company prepares a CSR report every two years.

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