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31. January 2022

February 2022: Performance Week at Marbach. Exciting news all about packaging production.

Marbach will be holding a week of various web sessions at the end of February under the title "Performance Week". On February 21, 24 and 25, 2022, the focus will be on the topic "more performance in packaging production".

Marbach Sales Manager Jan Brunner: "In February, in a single week and over a period of 3 days, we will present fascinating topics via free web sessions. We will offer each web session in German as well as in English for different time zones. We expect large numbers of participants from all over the world. Topics of our web sessions will be centered on our service offering "Performance Package", our brand new digital system solution CONNECT|M as well as our set-up aid marbazero. In addition to information about these individual solutions, each web session will provide input on the topic of performance in packaging production."


Performance Package.

The Performance Package is a service offering consisting of several modules. As a baseline, the set-up process at the packaging manufacturer is filmed from different perspectives, subsequently sequenced and analyzed, the savings potential is then calculated in a matter of minutes. In addition, experienced Marbach application engineers inspect the machine and its environment. The result of the comprehensive analysis are then presented and discussed. If required, Marbach can support the implementation of appropriate measures. With the help of this concept, Marbach you can implement a smooth process, ensure safety in packaging production, can work in a highly productive manner, and thus remain competitive in a highly competitive market.  



Under the name CONNECT|M, Marbach has managed to transform a previously largely analog process into a digital one. This offers entirely new possibilities to the user. CONNECT|M is a groundbreaking new system solution for packaging manufacturers. It consists of web-based software combined with various hardware components, cameras, sensors and QR codes in packaging production. The result of CONNECT|M is a cloud-based, digital connection of cutting-die, die-cutting machine and user. This connection enables performance tracking and efficient tool management in packaging production: features such as recognizing trends and potentials, determining benchmarking figures, fast access to tool data, and perfect organization of tool provision can be achieved with CONNECT|M. CONNECT|M thus forms the basis for decisions relating to the die-cutting process, ensuring maximum transparency in packaging production.



A steel counter plate must fit the cutting-die perfectly. The marbazero system makes aligning the cutting-die and steel counter plate quick and easy. marbazero stands for reduced set-up times, high packaging quality, and flexibility in packaging production.


Brunner continues, "What is special about the web sessions in our Performance Week is that they are not only very practice-oriented, but participants are also provided with exciting additional information for even greater performance in packaging production."  

We are looking forward to welcoming a large number of visitors to our Performance Week 2022. Interested persons can sign up at  


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