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die-cutting technology
6. May 2022

Even more performance using steel counter plates. Marbach launches new additional equipment marbazero.

We have recently launched marbazero, a new additional equipment for steel counter plates. marbazero ensures even more performance when die-cutting.

The use of steel counter plates has many advantages for a packaging manufacturers. They benefit from fast machine speeds, beautiful packaging, stable nicks and constant creasing values.

Marbach Sales Manager Jan Brunner: "In practice, with conventional steel counter plates it often happens that the steel counter plate does not fit the tool perfectly. As a result longer set-up times are necessary. In addition, a conventional steel counter plate can only be used on one particular machine, because each machine model requires a different steel counter plate contour. As a result, flexibility is out of the question. That is why we have developed marbazero. Bad registers from tool to steel counter plate and a lack of flexibility in the production of a packaging manufacturer are now things of the past. But that's not all: with marbazero, our customers significantly reduce their set-up times for steel counter plates, down to almost zero. That's why we call this technology marbazero. So with marbazero, the steel counter plate as counter plate becomes a must-have for every job." 

marbazero is available for folding box die-cutting machines up to format 162.

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