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5. February 2021

Efficient preparation of cutting-die rubbering. The mjet|1 for your diemaking.

Marbach Die Supplies not only supplies materials, but also machines for cutting-die production. One machine that significantly increases efficiency in diemaking is the mjet|1. This compact waterjet system cuts ejector rubbering automatically and with maximum precision. 

André Angermeir, Sales Manager MDSA: "The mjet|1 is an absolute efficiency booster in cutting-die production. It takes over where rubber is traditionally cut with a plotter or by hand." With the mjet|1, standard parts such as ejector rubbers can be produced in parallel. This saves time and streamlines the entire process.

Angermeir continues: "The freely definable geometries of the rubber are read directly from the CAD data and cut out automatically. The powerful high-pressure pump generates the necessary pressure to ensure excellent cutting quality, while the highly dynamic drive of the mjet|1 ensures speed. The cutting speed is always based on the rubber material being processed."

But the small-format waterjet system is not only efficient. As the only waterjet machine in cutting-die production, its compact, fully encapsulated design also ensures safety in diemaking. The closed processing unit prevents the uncontrolled release of cutting vapors and the fine particles they contain. The mjet|1 is also very quiet, which reduces the impact on machine operators and production staff.

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