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mjet|1 waterjet machine


Rubbering materials for cutting die production. Cut with the highest precision. With the waterjet mjet|1. Efficient production of standard parts. Achieved by using a powerful high pressure pump. And an ultra dynamic drive. Parallel manufacturing of the ejection rubber saves valuable production time. The compact encapsulated construction offers you top safety standards for your production. Small format. 500mm x 500mm.

  • highly dynamic drive
  • efficient manufacturing of standard parts
  • short production time
Technical details of the product
  • Cutting area: 500 x 500 mm (20’’)
  • High-performance Uhde or KMT pump available
  • Highly dynamic drive system (70 m/min—2,700 ipm)
  • Max. acceleration 1 g (32 ft/s2)
  • format optimized
  • user defined geometry
  • solid, fully encapsulated design
  • immediate CAD data processing
  • Dimensions: Length: 1,250 mm, Width: 1,600 mm, Height: 1,800 mm
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