die-cutting technology
26. May 2020

Efficient die-cutting of thick materials. With special tools from Marbach.

Marbach is known in the market for its individual solutions. Also for producing special cutting-dies for thick materials. One of these materials with very special requirements is honeycomb board.

Honeycomb board is a light but very stable cardboard due to its honeycomb structure. And is mainly used for transport protection as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic. 

Die-cutting thick materials presents a great challenge. For here a very special tool is required. It must be very stable, resistant and robust. Additionally, the cutting-die must be specially equipped to pass through the thick material and deliver optimal cutting results. For this reason, Marbach’s honeycomb cardboard tools are equipped with particularly robust serrated cutting rules, matching counter plates and a special ejector technology.

Michael Kiesel, Sales Manager at Marbach: "Our cutting-dies for honeycomb board are not only characterized by their special equipment. The quality of the materials used and the optimal matching of the individual equipment elements are also essential. With our tools these are adjusted in the best possible way to the individual requirements of the customer and to the honeycomb cardboard used. The results are smooth die-cutting processes and optimum die-cutting results."

The special tools described above can be used for other thick materials such as cutting door interiors, edge protection, connectors and packaging trays.

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