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16. September 2016

Top machine performance. Digitaler Zonenausgleich von Marbach

Marbach is known for best tool performance. The Heilbronn based cutting-die manufacturer goes even further. With its new development. The digital zone levelling. It compensates and neutralizes wear and production caused disparities in the die-cutting machine.

Jan Brunner, Head of business development at Marbach: “Every die-cutting machine is subject to wear and tear in the daily production process. That’s why previously it was necessary to set-up all worn-out areas with make-ready tape. For every single tool. This significantly increased costs. Time. And money. Because the machine wasn’t working. Digital zone levelling makes this process much more efficient. There needs to be only one zone levelling. This lasts for the next months. And for the other tools that are placed in the machine.”

But how does digital zone levelling work? The operator makes an impression of the machine using a standardized process. With this, Marbach produces a new, modified vetronite plate for the make-ready sheet. Individually for every machine. It compensates machine based height tolerances. So you need no area make-ready for every single tool.

Together with the Marbach innovations magic sheet and mpower+, digital zone levelling almost completely eliminates make-ready time. For highest performance in packaging production. 

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