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31. October 2022

Die-cutting goes digital. With the CONNECT|M system solution from Marbach.

We have launched a system solution that is increasingly gaining acceptance on the market. This is because CONNECT|M ensures transparency and performance in the die-cutting packaging process.

CONNECT|M project manager Tim Wolber: "We can only prove and improve something that we can measure. With CONNECT|M, we provide our customers with a kind of fitness tracker for die-cutting."

A fitness tracker offers many possibilities: When worn the watch automatically detects how many steps you take, how fast you go, what activities you do, and much more. The data can be read in real time at any time. Based on this, you can set goals and create a training plan to improve your performance. In the end, you can use a fitness tracker to measure the achievement of your goals and adjust your training plan if necessary. And to make sure all of this works for die-cutting in the future, there's CONNECT|M."

CONNECT|M is a system solution for packaging manufacturers that digitally connects die-cutting machines, cutting-dies and users. This is how the transformation succeeds in turning what was previously a largely analog die-cutting process into a digital one. 

Wolber continues: "For users, this means that they have their very own personal "die-cutting tracker" in operation with CONNECT|M. It also provides you with a large amount of performance data in real time. This means that the most important key figures in the production of packaging are collected automatically and digitally. Target figures can be defined, target achievements can be measured on the basis of the numerical evaluations, and performance can be improved." 

Further information on digitalization in the die-cutting process can be found here: 

Those who would like to find out more about the Marbach CONNECT|M system solution will find details, including videos and demos, on this website:

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