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26. July 2016

CSR news. Mobile phones for the environment. And support of the children’s hospice service.

Marbach is a family owned business. As such the company group assumes responsibility for future generations. The topic sustainability characterizes the company philosophy. For many years. That’s why Marbach takes regular action in addition to the longterm CSR projects.

According to the motto “your old mobile phone is too valuable for the trash…” Marbach employees have been asked in june to hand over used and broken phones. The collected mobile phones are recycled within the project “mobile phones for the environment”. An initiative of the German Environmental Help organization and the Telekom.

25 % of a mobile phone consists of different metals. One device contains an average of 24 mg of gold, 150 mg of silver and 9 grams of copper. Moreover small amounts of palladium and platinum. For the 100 million devices that lie in german drawers, this means a total of 24 tons of gold and 150 tons of silver that re-enter the resource-cycle. The raw-materials in one mobile phone are – depending on the modell – worth 3 to 5 euros. This revenue goes directly to the German Environmental Help organization. For environmental protection and nature conservation work.

Numerous disused mobile phones were collected at the three german Marbach locations. The equivalent and therefore donation value of the collected phones amounts to 300 euros.

Marbach’s CSR representative Birgit Schuster: “In addition to the project with the German Environmental Help organization, Marbach is collecting for the children’s hospice service of the foundation “Große Hilfe für kleine Helden” (“big help for small heroes”). That’s why a donation – equal in amount to the collected mobile phones – also goes to the children’s hospice service. We are happy that our employees support the company’s CSR drive. And that we can take responsibility for mankind and environment together.”

Learn more about Marbach’s CSR activities here: https://www.marbach.com/mcsr

More information about the cellphone initative and the “Große Hilfe für kleine Helden” are online: http://www.handysfuerdieumwelt.de and http://www.ghfkh.de/

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