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18. September 2019

For blanks that work. Counter plates from Marbach.

Marbach Die Supplies has expanded its creasing make-ready portfolio. From now on, the right counter die will be available for every requirement. So that nothing stands in the way of smooth packaging production and visually appealing creasing results. In addition to the simplest variant - the creasing matrix - Marbach offers rillma material and counter plates that can be individually adapted to the customer's requirements.

Ingo Graham, product manager Marbach Die Supplies: "In our new material catalog we have extended the product range. Regardless of whether our customer’s clients have orders for small runs or require a high-tech counter plate for large runs with best creasing quality – we can provide the suitable material for the counter plate."
For a few creases in the blank and for small runs, Marbach offers matrix. These are available in different sizes, in standard design or for special geometries. The creasing matrixes are a do-it-yourself version as they can be cut by the user. They are characterized by their flexibility and quick operational readiness. 

The rillma matrix offers a higher quality. It has been on the market for decades and used with great success. It is particularly suitable for short runs and simple requirements. It is characterized by its favorable price and simplicity of use. The raw material is available from Marbach in various designs and sizes. 

Steel counter plates
Steel counter plates may be used for long runs with high demands on the creasing quality and the service life of the counter die, as well as for repeat jobs. The advantages of steel counter plates are a smooth production process, high machine speeds and excellent creasing results. Finishing techniques can also be integrated quickly and easily. Marbach cuts the steel counter plates to the contour required by the customer. They are available in various designs, formats and hardnesses. Suitable for one or more machines. 

With Marbach's counter plates, there is always the right solution for every requirement.

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