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13. May 2022

Counter plate rillma+ from Marbach. Easy, economical and good.

Marbach Die Supplies offers a comprehensive portfolio for diemakers in counter plates for cutting-dies. Ranging from simple creasing matrixes to cutting plates for the production of steel counter plates. Yet, the top seller in counter plates at Marbach has remained the same for years: rillma+

André Angermeir, Sales Manager at Marbach Die Supplies: "rillma+ is a counter plate made of hard paper, and consisting of several layers. This structure gives rillma+ its special technical properties: It not only makes the material very durable, but also ensures optimum millability in processing and thus perfectly milled creasing channels. The material is neither too brittle nor too soft, which simplifies handling when applying and removing the material. All these properties make rillma+ our best-selling counter plates material. In short, rillma+ ensures satisfied customers and perfect packaging."

rillma+ is available in various thicknesses between 0.3 mm and 1.9 mm as sheet material, in full and half format respectively. And of course, always with the right accessories – from rillma pins to laminating film, everything from a single source.


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