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die-cutting technology
2. August 2022

Convincing in packaging production. The blanking tool alublanker from Marbach.

With our blanking tool alublanker, we feature a tool in our portfolio that has managed to convince numerous customers. This is because the alublanker is not only characterized by its low weight, but also by its high productivity. It is available in 102-106 format.

The alublanker is a high-precision blanking tool lower part, made completely from one piece and in one milling operation. The separating grid is made of aluminum and is completely CNC milled.

Bernhard Reisser, industry manager folding carton at Marbach: "Our customers are enthusiastic about the relatively low weight of the alublanker. It enables one machine operator to install and set-up the tool in the die-cutting machine. This saves our customers valuable time and therefore money. But of course, productivity is also of enormous importance to our customers. Thanks to its high precision, the alublanker also offers some obvious advantages: perfect stacking, reduced set-up times, high packaging quality completely without imprints, and high machine speeds." 

The Marbach alublanker is available in two versions: marbablanker and lightblanker.

More information about the Marbach alublanker is available on our Marbach Experience Hub: Blanking made easy.

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